Run WordPress at Scale​

Fast, secure and reliable WordPress hosting in Ghana, fully-managed so you can focus on what matters to you — publishing.

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Virtual Private Containers​

Every WordPress website hosted on the GrottoPress platform comprises a number of services, each running in its own virtual container, isolated from the rest of the system.

Web service


Application service


Database service


Cache service


Designed for Speed​

Our lightning-fast technology stack ensures WordPress loads instantly.

Solid State Drives

Modern persistent storage technology with faster access times.


The latest version of PHP is at least twice as fast as it's predecessors.


HTTP/2 was designed to improve page load speed by decreasing latency.


Advanced object and page caching that greatly improves page load speed.

Hosting the highest-traffic WordPress websites in Ghana

Our powerful platform handles websites ranging from small and medium traffic blogs to very highly-visited websites.

Secure by Default

We employ deny by default firewall policies at multiple levels.

Intrusion detection

We continuously monitor our platform for suspicious activity.

Real-time blacklist

Malicious actors are actively banned across our platform in real time.


FREE TLS certificates encrypt traffic between visitors and your site.

Daily Backups

Daily encrypted offsite backups ensure recovery in case of emergency.

Responsive WordPress Support

Get top-notch support from real WordPress developers with extensive experience in the industry.

FREE Website Migration

We will transfer your existing WordPress website from your current host to our end at no cost.

FREE DDoS Protection

All websites are proxied through Cloudflare® who offers FREE unmetred DDoS protection.

Ghana Cedi Pricing​

Forget exchange rates — Pay in Ghana Cedis.

  • 0.60 CPU
  • 160 MiB RAM
  • 10 GiB storage
  • 200 GiB transfer out
  • 0.65 CPU
  • 192 MiB RAM
  • 20 GiB storage
  • 300 GiB transfer out
  • 0.70 CPU
  • 224 MiB RAM
  • 30 GiB storage
  • 400 GiB transfer out

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Which plan is right for me ?

WordPress websites with low traffic may go for the 0.60/160 or 0.65/192 plan. Medium to heavy traffic websites are better off on, or above, the 0.70/224 plan.

Do CPU/RAM limits apply to all services ?

The limits are applied per service. Each service in the stack is allowed up to the maximum defined.

Do I get a domain name ?

You can register any domain name with any domain registrar. You can have us do that for you for a small fee on top of the actual domain charge.

Can I get a multisite install ?

Our current setup works best for single WordPress installs. We are, however, looking into this possibility. We are happy to know what you think. Contact us with your feedback.

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