Static Front Page

Set your home page as a static front page, to take full advantage of Betta‘s highly customizable home page template.

  1. From the theme customizer, go to ‘Home Page‘ -> ‘General
  2. Set ‘Your homepage displays‘ to ‘A static page
  3. Set ‘Homepage‘ to your preferred page, or create a new page to use as home page
  4. You may set ‘Posts page‘ if you intend to have a page of posts (like a blog).
  5. Click ‘Publish‘ to save changes.

Set Order of Elements

The ‘Elements Order‘ section of the theme customizer allows you to set the order of elements on the home page. This section shows only when on the homepage.

  1. From the theme customizer, go to ‘Home Page‘ -> ‘Elements Order
  2. For each of the positions, select an element to show.
  3. Click ‘Publish‘ to save changes.
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