Jentil, by default, ships with one menu location, named Primary menu, which is displayed in the theme’s header.

You may create a menu (under ‘Appearance‘ -> ‘Menus‘), add items to this menu, and set the ‘Display location‘ to Primary menu.

You may also add menus to sidebars by visiting ‘Appearance‘ -> ‘Widgets‘, dragging the Navigation menu widget to any of the widget areas, selecting the menu to show, and saving the widget.

Sub-menu Links

Where JavaScript is not disabled, Jentil shows sub-menu items upon clicking the parent menu item. To provide a better user experience, we advise that menu items with sub-menus should be a Custom Links item, with a URL set to #.

If a parent menu item links to any URL other than #, then clicking the menu item will follow the link (ie, open the URL rather than opening the sub-menu).

All parent menu items always have a sub-menu toggle button next to the link. Clicking this sub-menu toggle button will always open the sub-menu.

Jentil is built with the principles of progressive enhancement, so menus, and other features relying on JavaScript, should work OK even with JavaScript disabled.