At GrottoPress, we strive to make getting your WordPress website online as easy as possible. This is why we have decided to install and set up your WordPress theme for FREE.

Choose from thousands of FREE WordPress themes right from your WordPress administration area.

A GrottoPress dev will install and setup the theme with the relevant plugins to produce any website of your choice, to the extent as allowed by your chosen theme.

If you prefer to use a theme from outside of the official themes directory, or a custom theme, we are good to go! We would, however, have to vet the theme to be sure it is legit and free from malicious code.

Simply select a WordPress hosting package to get started. We recommend the 10 GiB SSD storage package for starters. The only fee you may have to expend immediately would be on a domain name.

Register a domain name from any register of your choice, or have us do that for you at a small fee on top of the actual domain charge.

After these, we can set up your WordPress instance. Specify the type of site you want, choose a theme, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your new website should be up within a matter of minutes.

The best part is that our free trial offer still applies. You may try your finished website on our hosting platform for 15 days FREE. You would receive your first hosting invoice only after the trial period is over.

So, you see, you just need to register a domain name to get started.

We know you can’t wait to have your own website up. We’re excited too 🙂

Contact us for more information. You may use our live chat here.

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