Note: This is still a proposal, which means some specifics are likely to change. This post would be updated accordingly to reflect any changes.

The Internet thrives on standards that are constantly evolving to meet and resolve new challenges and push the frontier of innovation in technology and communication.

It is, therefore, imperative that any stakehoder is abreast with the latest standards and specification of the sector they are involved in.

GrottoPress recognises this need for producers and consumers of web technology to grow by learning and applying the best tools available in their respective fields in order to achieve a business’ set goals.

GrottoPress Hub seeks to organise periodic training and brainstorming sessions for web publishers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs, in ways that are practical and easy to grasp.


The core goal is to provide a formal training on web publishing, digital marketing and advertising, and the relationship they have with a business’ primary goals.

The Hub seeks to create an ad-hoc community of knowledge-driven web content providers and web-oriented and/or web-enabled businesses with an interest in learning and sharing knowledge and experience.

The idea is to keep prospects web-conscious and knowledgeable enough to make informed choices that would raise their businesses to respectable standards.


Sessions shall involve training on web fundamentals, including websites, web hosting, blogging, WordPress, search engine and social media marketing, content curation and digital advertising.

There would sessions focused primarily on basic cyber security, HTML and CSS, as well as starting your own website.

There shall be a vivid focus on how to use the web, and tools available via the web, to achieve a business’ set goals.


Training topics for each session would be published on this blog some days prior to the session, with an overview of activities for the session.

Sessions would mostly involve tutoring on specific topics, with practical walkthroughs where required, to enable attendees better grasp the concepts.

Training materials would come in the form of presentational slides, and handouts where necessary.

Attendees are encouraged to give feedback on specific areas of interest, which may be factored in into the sessions.

Target Audience

GrottoPress Hub is for any person or business who uses the web in any form. Primary targets include businesses with any web presence, bloggers and copywriters, designers and developers.

The Hub is recommended for entities or persons who are completely new to the web, as well as astute webizens who need a refresher.


The sessions would take place at the Hapaspace Co-working Space, inside The Village, Adum (opposite the STC bus terminal) in Kumasi.

Disclaimer: GrottoPress is in no way affiliated with this venue or its owners. We merely rent the space.


The sessions would happen monthly, on the last Saturday of every month. Each session is expected to last no less than 2 hours.

The time of start of every session is 12:00pm GMT.


Attendees are, generally, required to come along with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


The sessions are organised and offered completely free of all charges for existing clients of GrottoPress and iTech Plus for whom the project(s) we worked on are currently active.

All other attendees are expected to pay GHS50.00 each, per session. Pricing may vary for some sessions.


The main instructor would be N Atta Kusi Adusei, founder and Managing Developer of GrottoPress and iTech Plus. N has extensive experience in web design, development and publishing, with close to 100 projects to his credit.

There may be ad-hoc instructors for some sessions if the subject matter requires it.


This is not a WordPress meetup, even though a significant amount of the training would revolve around WordPress. There are WordPress meetups in Kumasi and Accra you can attend.

Training topics do not include black hat techniques in any way. GrottoPress is committed to standards and ethics, and would not encourage or tolerate any such practices.

Code of Conduct

Attendees are expected to abide by all applicable laws, including the laws of Ghana and international law. Any acts of discrimination on grounds of age, sex, religion, race, color, nationality, tribe or disability will not be tolerated.

Any breach of this code of conduct may result in suspension from attending further sessions, and/or a report to law enforcement agencies where appropriate.

Terms & Conditions

The GrottoPress Hub is offered and treated as a service provided by GrottoPress, and therefore subject to our terms and conditions of service.

Media Partners

The following media outlets are actively part of, and supporting, the GrottoPress Hub:


Contact us via email: [email protected]. We keep a broadcast list on WhatsApp. If you would like to be added to the list, kindly send your request to +233 20 431 2944.


Leave any concerns, suggestions and/or questions in the comment form below. Let us know any particular topics of interest you would like to see tackled at any of the sessions.

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