Payment Policy​

How you should go about paying us​

Last modified: 15 Jul 2019 21:15 GMT


Prices for our products and service are totally to our discretion, and may change at any point in time. Changes to our prices take effect immediately they are published to this website.

Product or service shall be delivered only upon full payment.

Where services from third-party providers are required to complete our own services to you, we would secure one from a provider of your choice. In such cases, we may charge additionally for the usage of our credit cards.

Payment Methods

Payments are accepted through MTN Mobile Money (Ghana). You may send money from outside Ghana to us, via MTN Mobile Money, using World Remit, Cash App, or any of the providers listed here.

Payment details shall be provided you as part of an invoice following your specific request.

Follow your payment up, immediately, with an email to [email protected] with the full details of your payment. We would match those details against details we receive from the payment processing medium, and send you a Payment Confirmation email upon confirmation.

Payment Terms

Full payment is always required, for any particular service or product, before the product or service is finally delivered.

At our own discretion, we may allow for payment of the full amount in installment. In such cases, your project would begin only after the first installment is paid.

Suspension for Non-Payment

Services for which payment, in full or in part, is overdue shall be subject to suspension, with or without prior notification, at our discretion.

Suspended services shall be restored as soon as possible, after payment, in full, of all overdue invoices related to the said service.

The said payment shall include, and cover, the period over which the said service was suspended, for as long as the said service remains unterminated.

Where client wishes to terminate said services, client is required to send a notification via email indicating their intention to discontinue said service, after which the said service shall be terminated and all related content deleted from our servers.

Only then will the billing cycles of the said service come to an end and client shall no longer receive invoices related to said service.

Termination for Non-Payment

Accounts of services whose invoices remain unpaid, in full, for several months may be terminated, with or without prior notification, subject to our discretion. “Several” as used in the previous sentence is subject to our discretion.

Migration to other service providers

Clients are free to migrate their services to other service providers provided they have paid all invoices related to the said services.

Clients who choose to migrate their services away from us, who have enjoyed discounts and or free services on account of their earlier indication to be with us for up to a defined period, may be required to pay back the discounted fee, and for the free service(s), before they are allowed to migrate those service(s).


You are strongly advised to respond ONLY to invoices from [email protected]. Keep transaction information as confidential as possible, to prevent potential scammers from using that information against you.