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WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting with a stern focus on speed and security




10 GiB SSD storage

200 GiB transfer out




20 GiB SSD storage

400 GiB transfer out




30 GiB SSD storage

600 GiB transfer out




40 GiB SSD storage

800 GiB transfer out

WordPress VPS

Powerful virtual machines for your WordPress website




1 vCPU


25 GiB SSD storage

1,000 GiB transfer out




1 vCPU


50 GiB SSD storage

2,000 GiB transfer out




2 vCPU


80 GiB SSD storage

4,000 GiB transfer out

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Currently, we accept payments via mobile moneybank transfer,  and Skrill. We are working on other payment options. We'll post an update to this website.

  • What happens after my monthly plan expires?

    All monthly plans are renewable after it expires. You should receive a renewal invoice before the plan expires. Your plan is renewed as soon as payment is made.

  • Can I change my plan after I sign up?

    Sure. Contact us about this. We'll upgrade or downgrade your plan as necessary. Any difference in payments shall be invoiced or credited you as required.

  • Do I get a domain name?

    Not with us. You can register any domain name with any domain registrar. You could have us do that for you, in which case we would charge a small fee on top of the actual domain charge.

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