We have just completed a successful PHP update on our servers to version 7.2. This is the latest stable version of PHP, which comes with various improvements and new features.

We have also updated our MariaDB databse servers to the latest version 10.2.

While WordPress is compatible with this very release, PHP 7.2 deprecates a few old stuff, most significantly create_function. This may break some plugins which have not been updated for forwards compatibility with this version.

We have done thorough tests and we are sure all sites should work OK. Customers who experience any problems with their WordPress instances or any plugin or theme should contact support for immediate redress.

As always, we strive to stay on top of any updates in PHP and WordPress. You may go ahead and write any plugins or themes that make use of PHP’s latest features, and they should work just fine on the GrottoPress platform.

Happy holidays 🙂

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