Hi there! A warm welcome to GrottoPress. Thanks for checking us out.

GrottoPress specialises in managed WordPress hosting with a focus on speed and security. We are Ghana’s premier in managed WordPress hosting.

We understand how website load speed affects SEO, conversion and ROI, which is why we have carefully configured our servers with speed at their core.

Our cluster consists of cloud-hosted SSD servers. GrottoPress‘ WordPress hosting servers run the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, with PHP 7, Nginx and MariaDB.

Nginx is compiled with Pagespeed module, and configured to deliver content faster. Other speed-enhancing technologies used include Memcached and HTTP/2.

Hosting is fully-managed by us, making us largely responsible for your account’s security. We provide free SSL/TLS for all websites hosted by GrottoPress.

We offer to proxy all websites through our own Cloudflare accounts for the added security through a cluster blacklist we maintain via Cloudflare.

We provide expert WordPress support via live chat and email. You may contact us with any questions, suggestion or general feedback.

Try us FREE for 15 days. If you have an existing website, contact support. We will clone your existing website into our environment. You may go back to your previous web host easily in the event you are not satisfied after the trial is over.

Our website features extensive tutorials spanning a range of topics affecting WordPress and websites in general.

Feedback is always welcome, as we strive for more ways to improve upon our services to customers.

We are happy to serve you.

Again, welcome to GrottoPress 🙂

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