About Us​

Welcome to GrottoPress 🙂​


GrottoPress is Ghana’s premier in managed WordPress hosting. We specialise in WordPress hosting, with a focus on speed and security.

GrottoPress is owned and operated by I-Tech Plus Enterprise, a WordPress development agency in Ghana.

We are a fully distributed business, with no central office location. We use the best tools to communicate and deliver quality service to our customers.


Our infrastructure is made up of cloud-hosted virtual servers acquired from competent providers upstream. The servers run on SSD, which perform better than traditional HDD.

Every application hosted on the GrottoPress platform consists of a number of services, each running in its own Virtual Container, courtesy of Docker.

Hosting is fully-managed by us, which makes us directly responsible for your account’s security. We have automated Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, and we install SSL/TLS for all sites.

We continuously strive for new ways to improve our processes and services.

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