We provide technical support for clients. Submit a support ticket to have any issue addressed. We do our best to resolve all tickets within 24 hours.

In sending out support tickets via email, do well to ensure the following:

  • Send the request from your email address we have on file. Only requests coming from this email shall receive a response. We do this to make sure we do not supply sensitive customer information to the wrong person.
  • Every new support ticket must be sent as a new email, with a descriptive title and body. Do NOT reply to an existing email thread with details of a new, unrelated ticket.
  • Support requests must be sent specifically to our support email address, not to any of our other email addresses.
  • The body of the support ticket should contain detailed information about the problem you are facing, how you arrived at the problem, what solutions you have tried (if any), page or URL the issue is occurring at, and any such details which, to the best of your understanding, could help us resolve the issue quickly.

When requesting support via channels other than email, you may be asked to verify your identity by replying to an email we send, or similar. This is a necessary check to ensure we are handing out confidential client information to the right person.